Jeep Oil Change

Changing Motor Oil

Oil constitutes the lifeblood of every car engine, with no exception to Jeeps. If you don’t change your Jeep’s oil when necessary, serious damage to your engine may occur, which can cost you in both repairs and the life span of your Jeep.

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What Does Motor Oil Do For My Jeep’s Engine?


Pistons, bearings, crankshafts – all engines consist of many moving parts in close quarters. When these parts slide against each other, they create friction, which produces heat. Enough heat over time can cause the engine to warp and wear down.

As a lubricant, motor oil mitigates friction between parts and decreases residual heat. With sufficient oil, your engine does not need to push as hard to overcome friction, which boosts fuel economy and enables it to run for considerably long periods with minimal wear.


Motor oil also picks up debris that naturally makes its way into the engine compartment to keep the moving components clean and functional. After enough time bearing heat and cleaning dirt, the oil loses its effect and needs to be replaced.

When Should I Change My Jeep’s Oil?

Knowing when to change your Jeep’s oil is easy when looking for the right indicators.

For starters, pay attention to dashboard lights telling you that your Jeep requires some form of maintenance, like an oil change.

Drivers willing to get under the hood can also check their oil manually by reading the oil dipstick. First, find the oil compartment, pull the dipstick out, wipe the oil off, place the dipstick fully back into the oil compartment, and pull it out once more. If the oil line sits below the marks, then your Jeep needs an oil change.

Get A Quick, Affordable Jeep Oil Change In Newberg

Fortunately, our Jeep service center in Newberg provides affordable and fast oil changes.

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Even if you’re not sure whether your Jeep needs an oil change, our certified Jeep technicians would be happy to take a look. Schedule a Jeep service appointment today – we’re open from 7:30 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturday.

Customer Reviews

“These guys have been servicing my Jeeps for years and they are the best. They make sure the work that needs done is done, and done right. I’ve been to many dealerships over the years with varying degrees of satisfaction, but Aaron and his guys always go the extra mile and have earned my loyalty. I’ve moved out of Newberg but will gladly travel the distance to get their great level of care.” – Gary4509 (DealerRater)

If you have any questions about changing your Jeep’s oil, contact us at our Newberg service center.

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