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Car Batteries & Battery Maintenance

Batteries are an important part of your vehicle and should be included in general automotive maintenance. Here are some general tips and questions that we've heard in our service department in Newberg, Oregon.

What Are Some Simple Things I Can Do To Maintain My Car Battery?

1. Staying away from weather extremes by parking in an insulated garage during the winter is a great way to optimize your battery life.
2. If you don't have access to an insulated garage, you can always just insulate the battery. You can find a battery sleeve at most manufacturer or auto parts retailer.
3. Keep your battery clean by removing The clamps and cleanING away grease, dirt and oxidation. If your battery connection is filthy it will have a weaker charge.
4. You can buy an inexpensive solar charger to charge your battery via solar energy. It's best to do this with a monitor so you don't accidentally overcharge the battery.
5. If you're on the last leg of your conventional battery, you can add some distilled water to extend its life for a short time. We recommend getting the battery checked as soon as possible after that.
6. Check to make sure your battery is secure and sits correctly in a clean battery tray. If the battery is able to move around, you run the risk of spilling battery acid over other parts of the engine.

Check out the video below for some automotive battery maintenance tips. For a quick battery test in Newberg, Oregon, use the schedule service form to the right or just pop in to our service department at Newberg Dodge.

How Often Should I Use My Car To Prevent Battery Death?

Battery life generally depends on the age of the battery, the local climate, and how often you drive. Since Newberg is a fairly mild climate, most cars should be able to sit for about a month without the battery dying, however some more electronic cars may only get 2-3 weeks. It does need to be driven, and not just idled for the battery to get the full effects.

If your battery isn't keeping a charge and you're driving it frequently, come into Newberg Dodge Service and we'll help you diagnose why it's not charging correctly.

Can A Dead Battery Affect My Fuel Economy?

Yes. When your battery dies or becomes fully discharged, your car's alternator will try to recharge the battery to a full charge. This additional load on the engine will cause it to use more gas, and decrease the amount of miles per gallon you get.

What Happens If I Replace My Car Battery Myself, But Connect The Cables The Wrong Way?

If you replace your battery, but don't connect your cables correctly it affects the ground polarity. Correcting the cables doesn't fix the problem either as the battery's polarity has already been reversed - this can destroy fuses or fusible links, damage electrical components, and possibly cause an explosion from the battery. If you plan on replacing your vehicle's battery yourself, make sure to follow directions in the manual or watch an instructional video first so you don't have to get your car towed to a mechanic.

How Do You Know If Your Battery Is Bad, Or If Your Alternator Is Bad?

The easy way is to stop at any manufacturer or auto shop, most places will be able to test your battery for free. The video below shows some quick things to look at if you'd like to try and determine it yourself. We'd be happy to test your battery or alternator hassle-free in our service department off of Highway 99. 

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